The Collaborative Narrative Mural

dsc_0595 copy

We began Hold Up The Sky with the understanding that while we are a diverse diaspora of Canadians living in one of the country’s most densely populated communities, our personal stories have so much in common. Storytellers Dan Yashinsky and Marylyn Peringer have shared many such global stories, parables, folktales and mythologies with teachers and students. Stories are often told in allegory and metaphor with themes of humanity and our individual role in making a difference in our community wherever that may be.


Visual artist Charmaine Lurch has led the entire school in a visual interpretation of many of these stories, building an exquisite permanent giant mural throughout the school for all visitors to visit and reflect upon. Here are just a few of the creatures found in our collaborative narrative mural and the children who painted them.

RoseAvePS 648dsc_0590 copyHUTSP002WEB copy dsc_0487 HUTS004WEB copyRoseAvePS 690 copy

dsc_0504 copyRose0359


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