Naïve Art Inspired Brollies

Rose_Ave_May_17th-7 copy

Inspired by the work of students at Toronto’s Rosedale Heights School for the Arts and with a lesson in Naïve Art and the great Master Henri Matisse, grade 5 students designed and painted over 100 umbrellas, creating a set piece for our Bollywood music and dance showcase. The colourful brollies are now permanently suspended from the Rose Avenue School’s hall ceiling as a reminder of how we hold up the sky. Thanks to artist Moojan Nazmi for her brilliant artistic guidance on this project and to photographers Katherine Fleitas and Kevin Arsenault for capturing the beauty of the designs.

xtA6tmTmWOTNDbY0vztG3y499Ieq4EWybWXMiJfql5kDSC_3608DSC_3602Rose_Ave_May_17th-5 copy VrA-77sZQGXQI_Iiamh1TnfnIT--5Y59YHVQLDlXocw Brolliescloseupwithpaintbrush 7J1tz4JrSouaCKwXRnkRxguDmi4bm97NUtliQxNrYAI DpOAIZegHoJvYjf2n6DTquh11n6K-qbLWAHES6bFZaQ


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